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We picked up our marriage license today.  The clerk asked us a lot of questions - I really don't remember being asked so much the first time I got married.  I didn't know where my father was born, so she wrote unknown - luckily it wasn't a deal-breaker question.  :)

The license is very decorative.  The clerk said there are only two counties in PA that still give out fancy marriage licenses - it's got kind of a pennsylvania dutch look to it.

I know it's a silly thing to be excited about, but it's not just one more diy project done - it's a big step that makes everything feel more real and exciting!  3 more weeks!


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  • It's not a silly thing, it's a big step toward the actual marriage.  Congrats!! 

    What county are you in?   we live in Centre County and expect to get out license here but the wedding is in Lancaster County

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  • Congratulations!  I remember that day well, and yes it does make things just a bit more real. 
  • @clg1213 - Thanks!  We live in Berks County but our wedding will be in Montgomery County.

    @MikesAngie - I don't remember the questions and the printing out of the license from my first wedding.  I remember going to the courthouse in Chester county - maybe they did it differently there because I thought they just gave us paperwork to take with us and bring back...



  • Cool.  I don't know Berks at all (other than sometimes having to clarify Bucks/Berks when I talk fast or am talking with folks here in central PA) went to Haverford College and did a bit of MontCo political work during those years.
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  • We got our license yesterday... the form in maine was different than when I got married in CT. I asked alot of silly questions to make sure I filled it out right but once I said that the forms different than CT, she understood.  She just had to look over my divorce Decree....  At first I was worried because she coudln't find the judge signature but I was like its from texas.... its different and thats the official copy! LOL 

    Wedding in 11 days!!!!!
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