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We're married! And we only had one thing go wrong!

And it was fixed almost immediately! and it wasn't that anyone died or was impaled or maimed or anything! That one thing that went wrong was that I totally forgot the cake topper, which my HUSBAND had made as a Valentine's present, and seriously, if I didn't have that thing, it would have been AWFUL, because I was looking forward to it so much. (I know. Perspective... the world would not have ended. But seriously, I freaking LOVE that thing! And he put so much time and thought into it, and it would have disappointed him too) Luckily, my bridesmaids husband was there, so he just went to my house, got it, and then my new brother and sister in law (my HUSBAND's brother and wife) just put it on when they entered the reception - so adorable ^_^

The only other thing that went wrong was absolutely meant to be, and I loved it. My bustle (3 loops) went absolutely kaBOOM after the first dance. No amount of sewing kit, tacky glue, or anything else kept that thing up. It was just busted to pieces, the fabric was heavy, and those buttons just said "Nope!" But the thing is... I actually wanted one of those wrist straps to I could just carry around my train in my hand. Everyone told me I would hate it, that it would bug me, etc. so I didn't get one, and then guess what. Turns out I needed it. I decided that my dress knew that I wanted the bustle not to work, so it just kept falling down on purpose. Awesome. The pictures that have me holding my train and my groom's hand were some of my favorite ones of the night, because I remembered feeling like Cinderella in the ball scene :) Fabulous. 

Also, my flowers were so much more beautiful than I ever could have anticipated. When we were taking pictures, I yelled "Would someone please find Maryann, so I can tell her she's the best florist in the universe EVER?!?!?" and it turns out she was like 5 feet away. She was a family friend, and I will tell you, there is no way she could have done that many flowers on the budget that we gave her. Everything looked absolutely stunning, and I was thrilled. 

One thing that I just didn't... get. My cakes. they were awful looking. Tasted fantastic. Absolutely loved the designs that she made in the flowers, but the colors that she used were just... I don't even know. I described my palette as "vintage muted pastels." Which somehow meant "cheesy 80's neon." The good news was that the wedding cake went PERFECTLY with the aforementioned cake topper, and if the baker actually had done what I had asked her to do, it would have looked dumb. So whatever. 

Also, MIL found a random baker to make a cookie cake for the groom's cake. (If you don't remember, the baler who was supposed to do this broke her wrist, and wasn't going to be able to do it.) When it was delivered, it was this huge, thick thing that we were all looking at and going 'But... we asked for a cookie cake..." But then, when we cut into it, turns out the baker had made a 2-layer chocolate chip cookie thick cake, frosted in chocolate buttercream with cookie dough flavored filling. So delicious I couldn't even stand it. It was amazing. 

Also, hate to brag, but I had The. Best. Bridesmaids. Ever! They were with me the last two days before the wedding, were constantly keeping my nerves in check, helped me with last second holes in the planning, and were just generally awesome. The kept my mother away from me, they all got along (none of them had every met before.) and they just all liked each other and had a great time. They made the last two days before it absolutely fantastic, where it would have just been nerve wracking without them. 

My only complaint about the whole thing was just that my mom was bothering the living crap outta me just before the ceremony. But my girls swooped in and did everything they could. You can absolutely see the tension on my face, but my ladies were amazing about making sure they were at least around the dilute her presence, haha! and right after she left, one of them met me with a bottle of wine, and an inviting smile. Classic. And they got pictures of me chugging it straight outta the bottle in full bridal regalia. Truly klassy. 

I'll post some pics later - it was beautiful, and amazing, and I loved every minute of it, and wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world :)

Re: We're married! And we only had one thing go wrong!

  • awe that's so awesome. sounds like you had a blast! now if I could only steal a few moments of your same bliss I think I will be ok!! congratulations
  • I am so glad that your day went so smoothly!! Sounds like a couple things didnt go as planned, but you went with the flow and it didn't ruin your day. That is so awesome!!!

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    So happy for you, can't wait to see some pics! And if makes you feel better, my "french bustle" that I got talked into totally ripped my dress and it had all came out by the end of the night - I was devestated but got over it as the night went on.

    Post some pics!

  • Congrats! Glad everything went smoothly :)
  • It looks like the french bustle was a problem for a couple of you! This makes me happy that I altered my dress to have no train so I didn't have to bustle it. The salon sales person & my mom tried really hard to convince me that I should just get it bustled. Whew!

    I'm so happy to hear that everything else worked itself out. You made the groom's cake sounds so good--I want a cookie now :)
  • Oh! And also, as I was walking from the bridal suite to the ceremony, I kid you not, my shoes decided they just didn't want to go with the program. they kept falling off, bending inward, just generally being weird. And then right before I was about to take my first step down the aisle, I kicked 'em off, and said "Guess I'll be a barefoot bride!" The coordinator tossed them into the golf cart I had ridden in on, and said "Sounds good!" Done! I love all the shots the photographers took with them, but seriously, no way were those things workin' with me.

    I LOVE the pictures where you can see my toes - I had them specially painted with my groom's school colors, which he loved that I did. i don't think you would have been able to see them otherwise :) it was fantastic. 

    One of my favorite things was that one of the photographers captured what I swear is THE moment when I decided not to wear those suckers down the aisle. Classic facial expression that pretty much encapsulates the inner goings-on of my mind saying "Feck it." Awesome.
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    Congratulations!! Really glad the day went so well for you! 
  • Can't wait to see some pictures!!!
    And so happy to hear that there were only minor issues! It's funny how worried we get that something will go wrong! And when something does, it's nothing in comparison to the joy and happiness you're feeling!

  • I'm so happy you had an overall great day!! Your ladies sound like they were awesome :) Can't wait to see pics!!
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  • Sounds awesome. I read and smiled the entire time. Congrats!
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