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Shower/co-worker issue

My FI and I have decided to have a smaller wedding with our family and a few close friends in October of this year This has caused us to cut our list to only include close family and friends.  I work with a large group of people and have been trying to plant the seed that we are keeping it small but I keep getting questions about having a shower with everyone from work.  I know that etiquette is to not invite people to showers that aren't invited to the wedding but how do I address co-workers that want to throw a shower? Help!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Re: Shower/co-worker issue

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    Work and church showers are exceptions to that rule. 

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  • Perfect thank you so much! 
  • It's not uncommon where I work to have a bridal shower for a co-worker, but we don't expect to be invited to the co-workers wedding. We do it because we like the person (and it's always fun to have an excuse for a party) 
  • Work showers are ok
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  • Work showers are okay! Specially if you have been dropping the hint that you are keeping it small and tight. They will not expect you to invite the entire office.
  • My work recently threw me a shower and I didn't invite a single co-worker to the wedding. They were all genuinely happy for me and liked having a celebration. Champagne and brownies during work- who wouldn't be happy?! The men didn't participate but they knew about it- and answered the phones, etc., and a tray of cookies were given to them.
    Don't sweat it- it's a milestone event that people enjoy and showers let people know that they care.
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