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4 weeks to go and my dress was taken into much? Really?

So I got fitted for my dress on June 8 picked my gown up on July 3 had to get my son from camp by a certain time so I couldn't try it on when I got there. I told them once I get home that evening I was. They said ok if you have any issues bring it back asap I said ok. Once I got home got settled and my Mom was already there ready to help me try it on. I stepped in my gown slipped it on and my mom zipped me up she said hold on how does it feel? I said wayyyy to tight I can't even sit down so I didn't even try. Once I took it off my Mom noticed the seam was coming apart from the zipper and there was a hole where she was able to put her finger through it. I said I know I haven't gained weight because I'm on a lot of meds due to some health problems. If anything I have lost weight since I have been on them due to my eating habits changing. Anyway I was really upset so I gave them a call the next day and they told me to bring it in. Once I got there the manager blamed me for not staying to try it on so that really set my temper off and I had to set it straight that I was told the next day was ok by the alterations manager. Once I got to the back she knew right there when I tried it on for her something was wrong..... So that means one of your workers messed my gown up and I have to pay another $100 something dollars for something they did wrong..... I'm sorry there is nothing I can do with your wedding being so close you have to get it done... Really are you serious..... I said you know what never again so I said wow this is my fault.... My dress will not be done until 10 days before my wedding?? Very nervous. Everything seems to be going wrong down to my gown & my bridal shower that my own sister said I am only thinking about myself this weekend... She didn't plan it my cousin did it for me. I mean this is my wedding that you or your husband are not attending wow... Sorry Knot Friends very stressed out not sure what to do...

Re: 4 weeks to go and my dress was taken into much? Really?

  • Ugh so frustrating! At least with ten days to go there would still be time to find another place if they mess it up again. I would have been so mad myself. As for your sister, not sure the full story there but I'd keep some distance and just talk wedding with your other friends and family. Sounds like she just might not be into it. Hope things get better!
  • Yes very frustrating! I'm crossing my fingers. Yeah it's a long story I'm not sure what happened myself. I guess she is going through some things taking it out on me which is totally wrong. Right now I have to just stay focused and make sure everything is in order for my wedding. Congrats to you too!!
  • That's really frustrating!  I had the opposite problem where they didn't take it in enough, and they charged me another $150 to fix it.  With 10 days out you'll be fine though.  I'm not getting my dress until 6 days before the wedding, but I'm not too worried.  If there's any issues I'll just rush alterations with my normal tailor when I take my dress up to Philly for the wedding weekend.
  • I'm hearing nothing but alterations nightmares!  I took my dress do a smaller shop that does all types of clothing alterations which is what I suggest EVERY bride do!  alterations from a bridal shop are marked up at least 80% and they clearly do not care about the quality of their work considering the numerous horror stories I hear!

    My dress needed to be hemmed (6 inches!) I needed the chest taken in (corset dress with boning) cups put in and bustled plus a free steaming for only $120.00!  I couldn't even get the cups put in at the bridal salon for that!

    Do your research girls and I would NOT be paying for any mistakes on their end.  totally unacceptable! 

  • Now you are all scaring me! I am going to try on my dress for the first in a few hours since alterations have been done.
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