Do bridesmaids need bouquets?

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I bought my bridesmaids these beautiful handmade clutches made from vintage lace and fabrics from Dish Handbags. I was going to give them as gifts only but is it okay for them to use them in lieu of flowers for the ceremony? The theme of our wedding is art deco/Gatsby inspired and we are using the colors of the clutches for the main pallet.

Thanks for your insight!

Re: Do bridesmaids need bouquets?

  • Nobody needs flowers. Those clutches sound lovely and if they work with the aesthetic of your wedding, then go for it.
  • I would use them instead of bouquets. They are unique, and match your decor. I would honestly get the BM's something else as their gift though. The clutches are nice, but they are ultimately for your wedding. You could do something simple and unique for each of them, and if they are small enough, place them inside the clutch.

    Perfume? Gift Card? Favorite kind of makeup or lotion? 

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  • It's great for them to carry the clutches, but then you also need to get them something else b/c that is no longer their gift. Do they all even like clutches?  One of my best friends is a clutch fiend, but I have never used one. So make sure their gifts are something they each would like. 

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  • I think this a great idea to use the clutches in place of a floral bouquet.  I agree that maybe you can put a little something extra in the purse, such a as a mirror, lipstick case, manicure set etc...    
  • Thanks for the great responses! I will definitely get them something else as their gift :)
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