Just wondering what other peoples opinions are on centerpieces.

Are they needed?

Do they have to be big & elaborate?

Or would a simple frame w/ a table number do?



Re: Centerpieces

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    And yep.

    I think a table without a centerpiece can look a little bare, but if you are on a tight budget I would much rather you skip the centerpieces and put more money into food and drink for your guests.

    There are a lot of inexpensive centerpiece options-a few candles, or get vases from the dollar store/thrift stores and fill them with beads, rocks, fruit, ribbon, leaves, etc.

    Or depending on your dessert, I've seen a cake on each table as the centerpiece, a plate of cupcakes, a dessert spread with different cookies, etc.
  • I like the dessert idea!

    We have the baker in the family so it wouldn't be too much extra to do small cakes vs. a big one.


  • I agree that without a centerpiece, the table may look bare - but there are many different things you can do to make up for expense centerpieces.  Here are some ideas -   If you decide to go with the dessert idea - you can find a lot of different cake platters and stands at local thrift stores!


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