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Hi All! We just booked our venue -- Village By The Sea in Wells, ME. Just wondering if anyone else has booked there, and what your experience has been like so far? And/or if you've been to (or had) a wedding there in the past, did your guests enjoy the venue? Also if anyone has any input about photos... Would love to head to the beach to get pictures done between the ceremony/reception. Has anyone else done this, and would it be rude to ask the guests to wait an hour before cocktail hour starts? 

Re: Wedding at Village By The Sea

  • I don't have any information about your venue, but yes, it is rude to ask them to wait an hour before the cocktail hour.  Usually, the cocktail hour is while the bride and groom are doing pictures.  
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  • We're getting married at village by the sea also. So far things have been good, a little slow on responding to emails, but I think I'm just inpatient and excited. Let me know how you figure out the beach thing and if you've learned anything else useful for the venue. :)
  • I attended a wedding there last year. The cocktail hour was in the hallway behind reception area which was cramped and awkward with the large guest list. The reception area was a good size. I thought the ceremony directly in front of the road was a bit strange just because the immense lack of privacy since the hotel had other guests coming in and out constantly...also that road is always busy, I live locally.
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