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I'm going to post this here and under DIY because I'm not sure which is more appropriate. For budget reasons, I plan to do my own flowers. I've seen where you can order the flowers on fiftyflowers and Sams club online. Sams seems to be a little cheaper, does anyone know if you have to be a member to order online through them?

I guess my question is, how many days in advance do you need the flowers to arrive? To have enough time to assemble everything but not too soon where they will die? Should I keep them in the refrigerator? Are bouquets hard to assemble? I dont want anything too crazy. I'm doing roses and babys breath for bouquets, roses, carnations and babys breath for the centerpieces and aisle decorations. Also, how many stems should I know to order? Like how many roses do you think for a medium sized bridesmaid bouquet? I dont need one for me I want to do a brooch bouquet I think. And how many should be in each centerpiece? Im going to do either small vases or mason jars.

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    With FiftyFlowers, at the bottom of every flower-page, it has basic instructions, and I think it says that it will send more detailed instructions with the flowers. I think it's stuff like cutting the stems diagonally, putting them all in water, putting in flower-food to help them bloom, etc.

    Also with Fifty Flowers, they recommend that you put the receiving date as 3 day before the wedding.


    Some of the other questions you may be able to find answers to by searching for DIY wedding bouquets.  I know in the past I've seen some that list all materials needed, how many stems you'll need for whatever size bouquet, etc.


    ETA:  This page  (click) has some info at the bottom under Flower Care.

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