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I want to make my own bouquet's and centerpieces to try and save money but I don't know if it is worth the added stress. Anyone have experience with this or planning on making their own arrangements? And I don't know how much money I would actually be saving.

Re: Advice on DIY flowers

  • You do save a lot of money. This is what I am doing for a fraction of the cost ($400 vs $4000). But, I am having a slightly smaller wedding. It is a little stressful and very hard to decide on flowers, but if you do a little learning and research, and are good at planning, you can do it! Or, keep it super simple--only one or two types of roses, some filler, and maybe another accent flower.
  • When you DIY, where do you get the flowers from?
  • I'm choosing to use silk flowers and its cutting the cost back a lot. There are a few times where I've seen the silk flowers come in the form of a pre-made bouquet and all you would need to do would be to add a few more colors in.
  • I made all my bouquets, bouts and centerpieces. I had major sticker shock when I met with a florist and decided I could do it for much cheaper with silk flowers. I found all mine at Hobby Lobby during their 50% floral sales and have spent the last few months finishing them little by little. For my bouquets, I used some pre-made leaves/stick bouquets and added my flowers into them using floral tape and ribbon. For my bouts I used pre-made leaves and added flowers with a small stick accent using hot glue, floral tape and ribbon. Its been a little stressful, but I think they've turned out great! Best of luck!
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    First you need to search the best florist and choose the flowers and keep ready for your wedding decoration. Then you can make the arrangements for your wedding. It is best to use natural flowers for the wedding decoration. Good Luck!
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