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Bridal Show Expo This Weekend

Any knotties going? Has anyone found going to these events more helpful? Typically for budget purposes is it better to go to these events? Do you think places generally will offer some sort of discount if you book while you are there? 

Re: Bridal Show Expo This Weekend

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    I had fun at mine - but I got absolutely no benefit from it. If you can look at the vendors ahead of time it may be helpful to know what you're looking for when you go. I found all of my vendors from recommendations from the boards, and the bridal show is really high pressure because a lot of it you have to book that day.

    But there are cake samples. So there's that...
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    I have heard of people getting deals there but I would not book anyone on the spot without checking them out first (even if you just quickly check reviews on your phone).  Usually it's DJs or MUAs I have found.  I didn't get any vendors there, I just went for the magazines (which were great actually), to look around and eat free cake.  I went right after I got engaged though--if I were mostly done with my planning already, I would skip it.

    If you go, don't give out your e-mail to ANYONE.

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    I second Stefie--vendors will blow up your email with solicitations. Either create a new 'wedding only' email or don't enter any drawings to win a vacation/venue/furnishings/etc. I learned my lesson the hard way and fielded calls and emails from Celebrity China, Avon/Mary Kay reps, DirectBuy and Tuxedo Junction for months after going to the Plano Bridal Show in '10.

    I took my niece and we had a fun time watching the fashion show eating cake and cookie samples!

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    I went to the Fort Worth Bridal Expo this past February. I had fun with my mom, best friend and sister. We made it a girls day. I didn't book with any vendors that day but did find my DJ and bought a veil. The only benefit of going was to see all the options available to me in the area. I was very early into the planning process then. I didn't plan on buying or booking but when I found my veil I got really lucky! It was a gown preservation company and I ended up finding the exact veil I would have paid about $300-$400 for. I got it for $74!!! Good luck and have fun!
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