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Are Lawn Games Appropiate During the Cocktail Hour of a Wedding?


Re: Are Lawn Games Appropiate During the Cocktail Hour of a Wedding?

  • I'm having lawn games for the cocktail hour at my outdoor wedding. We're doing bocce ball, horseshoes, badminton, bean bag tosses, hula hoops, frisbees, and some board games on picnic blankets.
  • I'm so glad you asked this question, @cowgirl8238! You gave the perfect idea for what to do with our cocktail hour, so thank you :)

    We've rented a house on Flathead Lake in MT and will hold the ceremony in the backyard, so lawn games will be a perfect activity for interested folks to do before we shuttle over to dinner across the lake. 
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  • We're planning on lawn games during cocktail hour. I thought giant jenga was a really unique idea, but I guess lots of people do it! My fiance is going to make that out of 2x4s. 
  •     Appropriate or not there were lawn games at the last 3 weddings I went to. One was pretty hilly and rustic, like a barn wedding, but with the barrel storage room of a winery instead of a barn. It was pretty hilly and they had hay bales with blankets over them for seating, actually, that was the seating for the ceremony too. Dinner had real chairs.

        The rustic wedding was pretty casual, so I had on appropriate shoes to play barn games. The other two I had heels on and didn't want to sink in the lawn so I didn't partake, although it look like those who did had fun. 
  • I'm getting married next June at the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philly, and we're planning on trying to incorporate some lawn games out front to go along with our laidback theme.  Nothing too strenuous- maybe baggo/cornhole and washers (any other ideas welcome!).  We have a very diverse (very very diverse) group of invitees, and I think this would definitely be a fun alternative for guests who would prefer to relax with a drink outside rather than explore the different museum galleries.  While I don't think lawn games are for everyone, for the twenty to thirty something crowd, especially the dudes, I think it will be a great way to get people in the party spirit and get to know one another before they hit the dance floor later!  
  • We're having corn hole. You can even get really beautiful custom boards made. Try etsy and victory tailgate.com
  • I am thinking of doing lawn games as well - casual outdoor wedding at my family's farm (it's not "trendy...just a way of life lol).  I've thought of corn hole, horseshoes, and the ladder ball game.  I MUST look into lawn Jenga...sounds so fun!!  

    What is Bocce ball?  I've never heard of it.   

    I love the idea of hiring kids from the church youth group to help set up! I work with our kids program so many of the youth are former kids from my group!
  • I think it's a great idea.  I could certainly see myself as an outdoor wedding guest playing some lawn games while sipping cocktails. Just make sure there are some places for guests to set down beverages while they're throwing/hitting/etc.  I don't know that it's technically a job for the wedding party, but if I was a bridesmaid and was asked to help with some setup on the day of, I'd be more than happy to do it.
  • Ldnaghey said:
    We are planning to have lawn games too! Cornhole, hula hoops, jumpropes, bocce, and frisbees, as well as  a small outdoor photobooth. We let guests know via our website that we wanted them to play at our wedding and enjoy themselves. Also, we have appointed 3 or 4 particularly enthusiastic close friends (that aren't in the wedding party) to get people to play with them and have fun.

    I wouldn't worry too much about seating. Our venue won't let us take the chairs outdoors so we are going to have some camp chairs in addition to the few picnic tables in the cocktail area- that way some people (elderly) can sit. But.... your guests just sat for the ceremony and are probably about to sit for a meal... they can stand for a bit!
    An hour is not a bit. I absolutely could not stand around for an hour in heels.  Neither could my husband who has had multiple knee surgeries. Neither one of us is elderly.  I've been to weddings that don't have enough cocktail seating.  People grab those seats and don't give them up, not even for a pregnant woman.  
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  • It is definitely appropriate. I am having lawn games at my wedding in a month and have been to others where they have had them as well. We are planning to have drinks and some seating available during the hour, and to have the games be somewhat 'stylish' - custom cornhole boards, a ringtoss in an apple crate, ladder ball, etc. Totally fun! 
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    absolutely! mine is an outdoor wedding and im actually opening a cocktail hour before the wedding and after the ceremony. i know that people get to weddings early and i dont want anyone bored for one second so im going to make sure everyone knows theyre free to get a beer and play cornhole and whatever other games i have set out.

    other than the cocktail hour im going to have lawn games for the whole entire reception. cornhole, washers, horeshoes.. you name it. 

    personally i feel like yes, this is our day it is about us but you cant having a boring reception and expect people to want to stay. so you have to cater to your guest. have options of things for them to do (: 
  • We purchased a huge jenga set to keep people entertained, it was a huge hit.  I found the set I bought on the local classifieds.  However it was around 80 bucks.  Hopefully this helps
  • We are also thinking of having lawn games like corn hole and ladder toss!
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