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Is extra DJ cost appropriate?

Our wedding is next month - all has been so smooth with no big upsets, until today when my fiance said that the DJ is charging $275 extra to set up sound/microphones at our outdoor ceremony for the minister and the string trio. The ceremony site is right outside where the reception is.

My dad is having a fit about this being too high and my fiance believes it's appropriate (fiance knows much more about music than my father). I have absolutely no idea. Anyone?!

I hope this ridiculous drama doesn't indicate more to come over the next month!

Re: Is extra DJ cost appropriate?

  • We have been quoted everywhere between 100-200 for a second mic set up. One DJ said it was fee, however his extra hourly rate wasr $275, much more than the other two. Not sure where you live, but that sounds right.
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    It depends on the price of the DJ.  Our DJ is $495 for 5 hours.  If we use his equipment in two different locations there is an extra $75 charge for him to move the setup.  That roughly adds 15% to the total.
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  • I would say it depends on whether it's company with many DJs or he works alone. A company with many DJs is likely to charge you more than another for a second mic because that's equipment they could be using at a different wedding. If he works alone, that's a bit steep because it's not like he could have that mic at a different wedding while he's doing your own. I'd try to talk to him about the price. Shop around and approach him with what you feel is the typical or more appropriate price.
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  • I think all Dj's should have a backup system anyway.. I would be scared to work with a DJ that only brings one set of speakers/equipment.
  • That's normal. Most of the djs around here charge a set amount for 4-5 hours of djing, an additional fee for additional hours PLUS fees for travel, setup, tear down, and the time they are there setting up and tearing down. This is why a contract is super important!!!
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