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I'm getting married again (obviously) and I have a question about the wedding dress. My first wedding dress was big and fancy for a medium sized wedding. This wedding is going to be very small and it okay to still get an expensive dress? It's not going to be all big and poufy, but it is going to look fancy. The rest of the ceremony, etc will not be that fancy......

Is this ok????

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  • It is okay to have a wedding dress for your wedding.  Our guests totaled 56 people including the wedding party my DH wore a tux and I wore a wedding gown. 

    It's your wedding wear what makes you feel beautiful!!  Have the wedding you and your FI can afford and celebrate!

    Congratulations and welcome to the board. 
  • Wear what makes your heart sing. 

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  • It's your wedding... do what YOU want to do and what makes you happy.  First wedding was more laid back... This wedding I have a lovely bridal gown and FI is wearing a tux....  We have about 60 people attending as well.  I am so happy wtih how everything is turning out!  It's so different from first wedding and I wasn't even planning it that way- its just how it turned out.... 

    I didn't go in expecting to buy the dress I did... WHen I tried it on I knew it was the one and it was within budget :) 

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  • I'm getting married next summer for the second time also. I got my dress in May and absolutely LOVE it! I look and FEEL like a bride, which didn't happen for me at all the first time. Get the dress YOU want! It's your wedding, your day! FI is wearing a tux. If you're worried about budget, consider going to a blow out sale. I got my dress (a sample which fits like a glove except for the length), headpiece and veil for under $1000. I didn't want to take it off, which is how I knew it was the one for me. Like another poster said, "Go with what makes your heart sing."


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  • Yup!  Perfectly okay!  I'm wearing a more formal, nicer dress than my first wedding, cathedral train, the whole nine yards!  I'm thrilled to be able to, and to be able to finally have the wedding that I've always wanted, with the RIGHT man for me this time!  I can't wait!
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  • Yes!  I say wear whatever you want, it's still your wedding!
  • Congratulations! Your day, your wedding, your choice! Wear what you want!
  • This is my second wedding and my first one I had a beautiful dress that was made for me and only thirteen guests. Dress cost a fortune and I could bite myself in the behind for it now. However, this time around, I want another beautiful dress, but not the price. I found a beautiful lace and beaded beige & cream wedding gown with a lace and beaded trane at a second hand store under bridal gowns. Paid $56 for it!! Perfect condition, nothing missing and fit like a glove.
    So my point is, if you aren't too weary on second hand clothes, go check out the second hand bridal shops. I found beautiful wedding dresses there that must have once cost a fortune. But I'm not dong white at mine, so this one was perfect for me.
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