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XP - Feedback on vows

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I've taken parts here and there from online sample vows to incorporate with my own. I really wanted to stay between 150-200 words, but this comes out to be 219. What do you think? Does it seem too long? Does any of it sound redundant?

Xxxx, no matter what is going on in my life, you are this undercurrent of happiness that I can dip my fingers into whenever I want. Thank you for always being my sanctuary, my comfort and my light when life is dark.

Xxxx, I promise I will treat you with kindness and respect.
I will appreciate all of your wonderful qualities and quirks.
I will listen when you need a friend, so that you will never be alone.
I will support you, through laughter and tears.
I will make your dreams as important as my own, knowing that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone.
I will strive to be my best for you.
I will be that someone in the world that awaits you, whether it be in the middle of the dessert or in some great city.

Today I promise you that regardless of the obstacles we may face, I will always love you, treasure you, care for you, challenge you, inspire you, and when you’re feeling down, I will pat you on the back and tell you, “there, there”.
(Added that last part because we are fans of the Big Bang Theory)

Wherever our path leads us, it leads us together as I share all that I am with you. From this day forward, I am proud to be your wife.

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Re: XP - Feedback on vows

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    I think these are really good!  Very personal and I don't think they are too long.  You're only gonna say it once, right? So say what you feel!! 

    I love the reference to the Big Bang Theory!  Speaking of - - We are having a hot fudge sundae bar at our reception and I wanted to put up a sign that is a quote from Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory that says, "50% of marriages end in divorce, but 100% of ice cream sundae bars end in happiness!"    I think it is hysterical (and true), but I think mentioning divorce at my reception is probably a no no!  Ha ha!

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  • Awww just read this post! Im loving that everyone is sharing their vows - its so sweet :)

    Yours is just perfect length - i think its going to fly by and you wouldnt want them to be too short - i am also loving the Big Bang Theory reference (we are big fans!)

    I also find the "i promise" statement to be so meaningful! Your vows are very sweet and well written :)


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