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My FH and I are taking a road trip from our home in central New York to Maine. We actually won a vacation to the Bahamas as our honeymoon through a bridal show but the prize doesn't include airfare too and from and we are currently paying our bills and my parents bills. So I figured a road trip would be cheaper and still just as fun. Only issue is we don't know anything to do between here and there and are looking for suggestions! We are stopping at Ben & Jerry's in Vermont (FH loves ice cream (: ) but that is all we really have planned. Any good ideas?

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    Most of the time those 'free' honeymoons are scams and completely fake.

    Hopefully some other people have some suggestions on the road trip. Good luck!


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    You don't mention what time of year you are going.

    In Maine, my favorite spot is York Beach. It's a cute older beach town, near Nubble Light House which is a cool lighthouse, there is Goldenrod's candy & ice cream store, and they have lots of shops. The hotels tend to be cheaper than Kennebunk area.

    We took a roadtrip honeymoon down the CA coast and I plotted it with google maps and used tripadvisor.com to find hotels & restaurants at cities along the way. This worked well for us.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    New England has many great coastal towns, including York Beach (a favorite beach spot from my childhood!) I'd also recommend stopping in Portsmouth, NH, and Newburyport, MA. Both towns have great walkable downtowns with restaurants and shops right on the water.

    Depending on how far north you are going in Maine, Acadia National Park might be another destination to add.
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    We took a road trip in Alaska- we flew there but did a week of traveling. After the stress of the wedding I WISH we would have just gone to the beach or a resort to lounge around and relax. It was a lot of planning for this road trip and I was already planning so much for our wedding. If you are 100% sure a road trip is what you want then I suggest that you choose a few cities at most to discover. We drove hundreds of miles and stayed at 5 different bed and breakfasts. For 7 days it was just too much to try to cram in while we were up there. We had a great adventure but trust me you'll want some relax time to not think about anything. Good luck!
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