Is this too cheesy?

We're going to give out Koozies at the beginning of the night for guests to use at the reception but I still want a favor for guests to take at the end of the night too and for guests who don't drink... One of our hobbies is to go riding and muddin' so I was thinking about making a couple different flavors of "muddy buddies" aka puppy chow and setting it out either in individual bags or like a buffet style and letting guests fill their own bags/containers and having pictures of us from the times we've been muddin' and riding... is that super cheesy?

Re: Is this too cheesy?

  • MobKazMobKaz member
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    We are puppy chow addicts, so your idea would be greatly appreciated.  However, I do have to wonder about the timing of making the chow.  Unless it is made the day before, it may not look very "pretty".  Once those bags start getting tossed around and handled, the bags can almost start to look dirty.  Perhaps if you used small bags, and filled them fairly well, that might prevent them from taking on a bad appearance.

    As much as I like your idea, think carefully about the timing of when you can make the chow.
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    That sounds so yummy.  My friend did a popcorn late night snack/favor at hers.  It was a table with 3 big bowls filled with 3 different flavors of popcorn.  There were big scoops for each bowl and paper lunch bags to put it in.  This set up may work for you and minimize the handling.
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    I had to google what puppy chow was, I originally thought you were giving away dog food, lol.  Anyways, it sounds good.
  • Having puppy chow sounds like a great idea... the set-up makes me picture a candy bar.

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