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October 2013 Weddings

NWR - It only took three months.

As most of you know - my little family expanded in April when FI and I brought home Abby - our Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  We also have a really cute koi pond in the backyard - with about six koi that are about one foot long each. Well - Abby decided that yesterday would be a good day to "test the waters" - I was on an important conference call that I couldn't mute myself to talk her out of it.  I saw her tentatively put her paw in...then realize it was water...and waded right on through. She did this three times all while looking at me with this adorable face and I was in the process of explaining an important change to our business processes.  Looks like FI and I REALLY need to get that baby pool...

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shaylagirl[Deleted User]

Re: NWR - It only took three months.

  • At least she didn't attack the koi!!
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    shaylagirl[Deleted User]
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    @hardlyhannah - too true.  However, I don't think that is too far behind. I'm waiting for the little lady to come through the doggie door with a big ol' koi in her mouth. :)
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  • Hahahahahaha. My parents had a small pond in the front yard in the house in Wisconsin. My mom's dogs (Zeus and Cleopatra, both pomeranians) liked to go swimming in it. It was only about 18" deep, but they could swim since their legs are short. (They're big poms, though.... Cleo weighs about 13 lbs and Zeus is about 12.)
  • We have a kidding pool for our pups. They LOVE it!


  • My dog only likes warm showers.

    I bought him and my (then) other Doxie a kiddie pool when they were puppies, and they both hated it.  They'd shake like leaves if I got in it and plopped them in it with me. 

    DOGS!  *eye roll*  :)
  • We have a kidding pool for our pups. They LOVE it!

    "Kiddie Pool" damn you autocorrect!


  • You were only kidding about it, right Stina?  ;)

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