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The 2 Year Engagement - How do I not go crazy?


Re: The 2 Year Engagement - How do I not go crazy?

  • I got engaged last December and am getting married in May - not quite 2 years, but about 1 1/2.   Believe me, it still goes fast! And if you are in school finishing up you law degree (go you!) I'm sure it'll go even faster for you!   I spent the first couple months just looking online at venues and ideas, "pinning" stuff on pintest, etc.  I didnt actually start any planning until around June - 6 months after getting engaged. By that point I had already knew exactly where I wanted to get married, and it was the only venue I even went to look at.   It's been nice not stressing over stuff and deadlines but I def now just wish the day was here, so I know how you feel!

  • I'm in a similar situation.  My FI and I got engaged three weeks ago but won't be getting married until October 2016 (almost three years).  We are waiting until this summer to start any of the planning and it is SO HARD to hold back from planning.  The biggest reason why I haven't yet is I'm afraid of the crazy looks I'll get from venues and other vendors planning a wedding three years in advance lol. 

    We've started a tentative guest list and I have the forums and pinterest keeping me busy for now.  Just do the little things, if and when you have some down time.  Good luck on the exam! =)
  • We got engaged August 1, 2012 and we aren't getting married until August 1, 2015, so we will be engaged exactly 3 years. I know it seems like a long time but it will be here before you know it! Enjoy time as an engaged couple, save as much as you can & have fun on boards!! Everyone is super helpful! 
  • We are moving 600 miles from where we are now. So we are waiting until we are firmly established in our new home before getting married. I want to get to know the area and make informed decisions. I also want to have it where we are moving so my family can see our new home. So... It will probably be until 2016! LOL! But, it's a lot less stress and plenty of time to save $$! We are trying to keep this as low cost as possible too. Pinterest is my new friend :)
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  • You can slowly plan it to make it more fun! I found making a wedding binder helped me enjoy planning and anticipating without going crazy wanting to get married tomorrow. It's called "How to Create the Ultimate Wedding Planning Binder - And Other Helpful Wedding Planning Tips" on Amazon Kindle. 
  • Enjoy each moment, planning is supposed to be fun. If it feels stressful, then step back and ask why you are stressed and do it differently or wait. I am not in the same situation as you but I am a person that likes to check things off my list or I stress. I started planning full speed because of all the 'to do's' on my check list and I wanted to check them off. Now, I am just enjoying each moment and being relaxed about it. You only do this once and you want to look back on these moments and remember how fun and exciting it was. You have plenty of time so I would not stress
  • Ahh I'm pretty much in the same boat. My fiance and I were engaged in August 2013. The wedding date is September 5, 2015 so 1 year and 7 months left to go. :/ We REALLY wanted to bump the date up further, but with me taking the bar a month before that and with him still in the air force in Kansas, it would be extremely difficult to have our dream wedding before then. I've considered just forgoing all of the etiquette and just getting married at a court house lol BUT I think that I would really regret not having my family and friends there to witness and celebrate our wedding. Yes, the waiting makes me a little crazy, but it's definitely worth it :)
  • My FI proposed to me a week ago and my mother is the one looking at venues! We're just enjoying the planning process and not getting too stressed. We have two years to figure everything out! Meanwhile I can enjoy being excited and telling people the proposal story. :)
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    We got engaged a year ago yesterday and our a wedding  isn't until 8/14/15. So I hear you with a long engagment it's hard to determine what you can actually start doing. That being said, basically you have a lot of time to just be happy with the engagment giddiness. The only thing we did last year was book our venue. I started to go to bridal shows in Nov 2013 and right now, we are starting to meet with big vendors like dj, photographers, etc. I actually randomly bought my dress at a sample sale last weekend but I wasn't even planning on looking at dresses until the late summer. I think you can get a lot done early, if you'd like. But if not you still have a ton of time!! This past year flew by, so I know our wedding will be here before we know it.
  • I‘m in the same boat. My fiance proposed last month (March 2014) and our wedding is May 7, 2016. The only things we have done is book our ceremony and reception venues two weeks ago. Other then that, we are just enjoying our engagement. We will probably figure out our dj, photographer, caterer, etc. sometime this summer/fall. 

    The wait is probably going to drive me somewhat crazy but i keep telling myself time will fly by :)
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