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Confession time....

Soooo please dont judge BUT I've been lurking in the July 2013 message boards :p lol

Its just that I am SO excited for our wedding to just be here already its so nice & fun & helpful to read the posts of all the brides that have JUST gone thru with their day :)

I noticed there are some helpful last minute to do's & after wedding info that we can start planning as well! Like, for example - one bride ended up in the ER on her wedding day (she stepped on glass while dancing barefoot - ladies please dont dance barefoot!) but she is such a trooper and her post was very cute!

Also just wanted to say HI to any September 2013 Brides that are spying on our board hahaha



Re: Confession time....

  • You're not alone! I've popped in there from time to time to see what should come next in my planning. I should definitely check it out again.
  • Ha! October bride right here! The September board is just so dead....
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  • I think a lot of the date boards get dead quickly. Hopefully we have kept you entertained lol
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  •  Why didn't I think of this!? What a great idea.

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  • I'm a Sept bride that's creeping on you guys!!! I also creeped on the July board and saw that poor girl that ended up in the ER as well! i can't even imagine! Good luck to you all on your weddings!

    PS - the sept board is dead because we have a private facebook group that we mainly use now. we are definitely still very active! 
  • Hiya Sept. Bride!!!! Aaaaah your day is next month - congrats :)

    Yea i feel our board is going to be in full swing since our days are just coming up! Hopefully we can offer good advice to you so feel free to stick around!

    Good luck with the planning and honestly this time is flying by so enjoy it as much as you can!!!



  • It really did fly by once you hit 1 week it's a blink and the day is here. I wasn't nervous own my wedding day and everything went exactly as planned and we had no problems. I think for me it helped that we did everything not by the "books" as far as wedding planning.
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  • I never even thought about that! What a great idea!
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  • Thanks ladies!!!!!!!!! 29 days to go for me! 
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