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I would agree with other brides that trying on different styles is an excellent idea. However, dress shopping is not what I thought it would be. I found a dress I love, I mean honestly think I look good in. But honestly I had to work on myself first. I thought I would put on a dress, feel awesome and KNOW it was it. I was torn about the whole experience because the dress I have looks a lot like an ivory version of a prom dress I had in high school. It wasn't until I reflected that I realized what the issue was....Although I preached this to fellow "plus size brides" I did not take my own advice. I was not going to put on a dress and it would automatically erase my flaws. But I did find a dress that when I put it on I didn't care about my flaws, I did not focus on them. I love my dress, but it was hard to find, because I first had to deal with me. Did anyone else have a similar experience or could relate?
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