August 2013 Weddings

Single Digits!!!

For my fellow 8.3.13 ladies... we're down to single digits!!! Wahoo!!! 

This week I've smoothed out some recent speed bumps, finalized timeline with all vendors, put together hotel welcome bags, and finally put our seating chart together last night. Meeting with our venue tomorrow for the final walk through! Ha! Next up: send seating chart to rehearsal dinner location, finalize slideshow, pick up Costa Rican currency from AAA, and pack for our honeymoon (which will likely be a two day "event" for me- I'm horrible at packing). This time next week, out of town bridesmaids will be arriving and the fun begins! So excited! 

G'luck wrapping things up this week ladies! We're almost there! 

Re: Single Digits!!!

  • I guess I am a little foggy this morning... I completely failed to see the other single digits post. Whoops! Foggy,can't figure out how to delete a discussion... a case of "wedding brain" perhaps? ;)
  • We are down to needing to do just a few things, get some votive candles, wedding party gifts, pick up flowers , and drop all papers to th priest! It's coming together and I'm excited!
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