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Hello Ladies!

I just got married this past Saturday, and it was the best day of my life! I wanted to highly recommend a few of my vendors, because they truly did such an amazing job!

College Park Flowers: Amy is who I met with and she always returned my phone calls very quickly. The prices were better than any other florist that I found, and the bouquets were flawless.. truly GORGEOUS and the centerpieces got so many compliments. She also sent flowers for the top of my wedding cake and they were perfect! I am so happy that I chose them for my florist! She was able to capture exactly what I was wanting and I loved it!

Snap Photobooth: They were perfectly on time, the attendant was helpful, and they also created me a beautiful custom guest book. I was able to get a Groupon for their services, and it was a 4th of the price of most photobooths. When I added time, they kept it at the cheaper price. Great company!

Heflin Photography: They are a married couple, and their photos are simply amazing! Their prices are very fair and they are so sweet and easy to work with. They both have a great eye for detail and they made me feel very special while at the same time, they blended into the wedding reception and at the time I couldn't even notice how many great shots they were getting. HIGHLY recommend! 

Chocolate Passion: Florencia designed my dream wedding cake! We had a 3-tiered cake with tres leches and italian cream... best cake I have ever eaten! A lot of my guests took some home and they are begging for more. It was THAT good! She is very nice and had a great photo book of her work as well!

DJ Brothers: One of the guys officiated the wedding, and the other was our DJ. The ceremony was perfect, and he was able to make everyone smile, cry, and laugh! It was wonderful! The DJ was so awesome.. he checked with me very often throughout the reception and made sure everything was going the way I wanted. He was very detail oriented when it came to helping me decide on different types of music and specific songs. Everyone kept saying how great he was and we all had a blast dancing. Really great guys, great company!

Heather's Glen: This was my venue! I loved the atmosphere, the chapel, and everything about this place. Obviously I have been saying everything was wonderful about my day, but I do need to point out a few things that were not as good as I had wanted them to be. The coordinator was rushing me quite a bit, although I was only 10 minutes late to the venue (but I still walked down the aisle on time). She didn't ever ask me if I needed help with anything on my day. She was more concerned with rushing me around. She never once smiled at me. She would just walk up to me and say 'Now its time to do 'this" and it always came off as if she was rushing me and being rude. I definitely did not enjoy being around her. I had chose the 'simplicity' package and she made sure to constantly remind me that I didn't ever need to 'stress' because I was doing such a 'simple' wedding. She made me feel as if I was unimportant because I wasn't spending $20k. Anyway, my other complaint was the food. The chicken alfredo was greasy and the chicken was very chewy. We did not like it at all! Luckily we had salad and a fruit bar to snack on! The food came from their own personal vendor, and I wish I could have brought in someone else but they did not allow that. Even all that being said, I would still recommend the venue for the great atmosphere, beautiful grounds, and we had a wonderful time! 

If anyone would like photos of my flowers, cake, or anything else, just email me! Happy Planning!!!

~Happy Wife.... Happy Life~

Re: Vendor Reviews for Conroe/Woodlands/Houston

  • Congratulations! So glad you had such a wonderful wedding. It's always great when your vendors live up tot heir promises. :)
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