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Hidden fees?

Hi, all. I'm an October 2014 bride, and I'm about to sign my contract with my venue!! I'm really excited but someone told me to be wary of any hidden fees my venue may spring on me anywhere from a week after signing up to the night of the event. I'm sure she was just trying to be helpful, but it really started to worry me! I figured you all are relatively close to your dates, and most if not all of you already have signed with your venue. Did you experience this at all? Please share! :) Thank you!

Re: Hidden fees?

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    Read your contract very carefully.  Some venues charge a corkage fee for opening and serving wine, there can be a cake cutting fee or extra for the champagne toast.  Also check whether local taxes and gratuities are included in their price too, as some will add on a standard 20-22% gratuity at the end.  It should all be in the contract.  If not, ask about it beforehand.

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    Be very specific. Do not leave with vague answers, get detailed answers. Do not settle for "Yes, no, of course." 

    I would ask if there is any fee to use the venue. Yes they are charging you per person, per plate, but that is for some venues, considered under the catergory "Catering" not "Venue". 
    Example: Per person $95+tax & gratuity   Main Ballroom: $2,500 <-- venue fee. 

    If they do centerpieces & is there a cost for them to be doing the centerpieces. 

    Is there an additional fee to set up things like favors, centerpieces, anything that YOU would be bringing that the venue does not provide. 

    @ Foster14 - good point about the corkage fee and cake cutting fee. Also 20-22%? I only have to do 19%...^_^ your place is probably nicer than mine haha. 

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