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Hidden fees!

Hi, all. I'm an October 2014 bride, and I'm about to sign my contract with my venue!! I'm really excited but someone told me to be wary of any hidden fees my venue may spring on me anywhere from a week after signing up to the night of the event. I'm sure she was just trying to be helpful, but it really started to worry me! I figured you all are close enough to your dates that you may have already encountered this so.... Did you experience this at all? Please share! Thank you!

Re: Hidden fees!

  • We booked our reception venue back in July 2012 and we had our walk through and payment June 2013 and there were no hidden fees, everything was laid out in our contract. Now I can't speak on all venues but ours didn't.
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  • If you are worried I would ask the venue before signing a contract. Hidden fees may include a mandatory gratuity that they add on so be on the look out for that. Other than that I can't think of any other hidden fees. Read your contract carefully and you should be okay. Its a contract so what is stated in the contract has to be followed by BOTH parties, You & the Venue. 

    Good Luck!! 
  • Our venue didn't have hidden fees either.   Just make sure you are upfront about wanting to know the final pricing and any associated fees.
  • We didn't have any hidden fees with our venue per se.  It was stipulated that we needed insurance but we had no idea how much that cost till we went to get it.  A little surprise but not too terrible. 

    There was a venue we were considering though that had prices posted online and then when we went to meet with them the quote ended up being double.  They didn't mention on their site that there was a miimum number of people charge, higher fees for Saturday and the month that you choose, alcohol package minimums, etc.  We ran fast from that.  The place we have now was a cut and dry this is what you get and this is how much it is cost.  So far it's been great.

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  • Great! Thanks everyone! :)
  • I wouldn't say "hidden" but there are fees for EVERYTHING.  For instance, cake cutting fees, bartender, etc. We are even paying $125 for the rope lighting that goes on the balcony! And don't forget tax & gratuity.  We are getting married in Hawaii and that amounts to over 20% premium on top. 

    Expensive! Also, just TODAY I found out we need to pay tax for our hair & makeup PLUS $17 per person to park (3 artists).  That was a complete surprise to me.  $96 more about a week out. Boom! It can happen :(



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  • Ours didn't have hidden fees. They did have a lot of little extras we could add for an additional fee but they weren't mandatory.
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  • Some places charge a clean up fee and for set up /take down.  Some will also charge for bartenders, over time (if your wedding goes longer than expected.)  corkage (depending on where you are) wait fees (if your having a plated dinner.)

    Some places charge for these things, others do not.  I would suggest you go online and find a venue question list and compare it to your contract.  If your not seeing something then you can ask :)

  • Some "hidden" fees that were in the contact, but we didn't really account for:

    The wine served during dinner is limited to 2/table. Extra bottle are $24.

    If guests ask to change their entree, they will do that and we would be charged the difference if they pick something more expensive. - Hopefully no one asks to change and sticks to what they ordered!

    Not so much hidden, but really just something we don't know how to account for since we won't know the day of. I'm sure we could request that they don't offer more wine or allow changes, but I think we are just going to go with it.

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