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  • CaliMel11 said:
    I call BS on most of this. 
    It's the luxury board, and there are plenty of people who can and do buy things like this as gifts. I know people who make enough that they can and do spend it on things such as this, so why is that so hard to believe?

    It may have been directed at everyone, but honestly, I think she just had a problem with me in general, as she didn't like that I posted about details of my first wedding/marriage. She found it annoying and tried to (maybe successfully) to block me. Whatever the case, I just try to share my experience as my weddings were polar opposites of one another.

    edit- computer froze

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. You are one of my favorite knotties and I love your travel advice.
    Just saw this now! Thank you for your kind words :)


  • I am with the past poster who said get your wedding party stuff they would use/ ware in public. Shop like it's their birthday.
  • Glad to see the Kate Spade suggestions. Just bought a wallet, a wristlet, and a purse for my bridal party.... on sale ;-)  

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