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Help planning an American/Vietnamese Wedding!!

I am trying to plan and American/Vietnamese Wedding.  I am a white, american from Louisiana, a place with a lot of unique culture of its own.  And my fiance is vietnamese.  We will be having the traditional dam hoi in about a month, where i will wear an ao dai.  However, I am struggling with how far to go with the wedding ceremony, reception and other events as far as participating in vietnamese tradition.  I am having a hard time letting go of the fact that i may not be able to where my white wedding gown throughout the entire reception.  Any thoughts, ideas? 

Re: Help planning an American/Vietnamese Wedding!!

  • Hey. I am vietnamese just had my wedding in May. Are you doing a tea ceremony? As far as the reception goes, I wore my wedding gown when they announced the family and WP and for dinner. I then changed to an Ao Dai (don't get confined to just the red (even though it's lucky), even the Vietnamese brides are branching out to different colors, I wore a purple one. The Ao Dai was worn during the visiting tables part (plan on asking a bridesmaid or all to take turns holding the card box for this). The Ao Dai was actually helpful because I had a ball gown and it made maneuvering much easier. I wore my ao dai for first dance (which is not normal) what i have seen more often is brides will switch to an evening gown or back to their wedding dress for dancing.

    Let me know what else you need help with. :)
  • I'm Vietnamese and I'm getting married to white guy. We're doing the tea ceremony first and I'll be wearing my ao dai for that. Then I switch to my white dress for the american ceremony and most of the reception. I'm getting married next year and haven't thought it through yet, but I'm going to wearh my white dress for the beginning and end of the reception and change my ao dai briefly in the middle of the reception, maybe during the table visits and/or the cake cutting, but then I'll change back into my white dress for the rest of the reception. 
  • we modified ours a little when we got married last year.  we did the tea ceremony at my house the week before so i got to wear the ao dai (i picked yellow) and i also asked him to wear one too bc it was important for me that we have some traditional pictures.  then the following saturday was when we had the church ceremony and the reception. i did not change at he reception bc i didnt want to get out of my white dress. 
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