Few Questions about Flowers:

1. Silk vs. Real, is there that much of a difference when it comes to the look of it in pictures and at the wedding? Was it cheaper or about the same?

2. If I get silk flowers, does it really matter about getting them specific to their season or is it acceptable to use them year round?

3. I have three flower choices picked out. Should I drop it down to 2, other than for cost reasons?

Re: Few Questions about Flowers:

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    Silk flowers don't wilt, freeze, dry out, or loose petals/get crunched easily.  However, price wise, silk flowers can be really pricey as well, sometimes more than real flowers.  And, personally, I think you just can't replace real flowers.
  • I think flowers (real or silk) is one thing where the old addage you get what you pay for really holds true.  Cheap silk flowers look cheap and tacky.  There are nice silk flowers, but they're much more expensive.  Your best bet to have nice looking flowers at the best price point is to get whatever is in season local to the area where you're getting married.  I'm doing centerpieces with real flowers for $15/table this way.
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    Silk flowers can get pretty pricey - but at least you don't have to worry about trying to store them and them wilting.  But real flowers have a special charm about them-  You could always do half silk and half real flowers.  Maybe real flowers for the tables and silk for the bride, bridesmaids, etc.. bouquets.  If you are having a sit down reception, then the guests will see more of the table flowers up close as compared to the bouquets. 

    I had silk flowers on all the candle arrangement in the ceremony, and for the bridal party.  I had real flowers on the church pews. My bouquet was made of real flowers.  At the reception the flowers on the tables were real...mostly in vases.  I made the wedding party flowers bouquets etc... myself (silk) and that saved a great deal of money. 

  • Silk are for decorating... real are for celebrations.   use real.

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