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Moroccan Food & Fussy Eaters

I visit a Moroccan Deli all the time. They do amazing food. I love cooking, but have given up catering for xmas etc, and just buy salads etc from there. They are so cheap as well. 

They have an amazing, cheap, catering service. I think they would be awesome wedding food for us, however do you think fussy eaters would find it weird?
I have put a sample of there menu below: I have tried to edit it down, but the food is sooo good!

Green shell Mussels marinated in green harissa, capers, shallots, preserved lemon
Spiced prime Beef Balls in oregano & tomato sauce
Spiced North African roll (veg)
Dolmades of mint and rice stuffed vine leaves with garlic & cucumber dip (veg)
Pan-seared garlic King Prawns with lemon and harissa
Pil Pil marinated Chicken strip, battered and served with chilli jam
Smoked barley and vegetable Falafel with hummus and tahini (veg)
Sautéed Calamari with lemon, olives and fresh herbs
Grilled sumac Lamb kofta with yoghurt and mint sauce

Marinated Moroccan lemon chicken
Sumac beef kofta with pomegranate sauce
Garlic king prawns

Jewelled Couscous Salad with orange & cinnamon
Smoked Barley Salad with Tahini sauce
Moroccan Salad with carrot & orange
Spanish Salad with tomato, red onion & capers

Pavlova Roulade with Turkish delight
Banoffee Pie
Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding
Passion and Lime Parfait
Black Forest Gateau
Three Berry Cheese Cake (GF)
Orange Almond

Re: Moroccan Food & Fussy Eaters

  • You know your crowd and what they are used to eating.  I personally would like it, as long as you had all of the salads, since I am vegetarian.  For fussy eaters, you could work with the restaurant to have some plainer things.  Maybe plain rice, chicken that is not marinated, and some plain veggies (I think you should add some plain veggies--not in a salad--anyway).  You could also add a veggie and dip and fruit platter to the starters to offer a plainer option.  

  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    First of all, that menu sounds delicious! 

    Personally, I come from a family of adventurous eaters. I'll try anything once and I am not picky! I know not everyone thinks the same way; however, I think you have plenty of choices on your menu to please everyone. You have some dishes that are a little more basic, like the lemon chicken and the spinach salad, but you also have things that are a little more exotic. I think it's just right as is, and I don't think you need to add anything else. 

    Are you planning on serving a plated dinner or a buffet? If you're planning a buffet, be sure to have the servers there to explain menu items to guests. 
  • itzMSitzMS member
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    If it's buffet, DH & I would probably find enough things to "try". If it is plated, I would have no idea what entree to select.

    I'm sure we wouldn't starve, but we'd stop somewhere for a sandwich on the way home, though.

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    itzMS said:

    If it's buffet, DH & I would probably find enough things to "try". If it is plated, I would have no idea what entree to select.

    I'm sure we wouldn't starve, but we'd stop somewhere for a sandwich on the way home, though.

    This.  I like to know what I'm eating before I eat it and many of the things above I am not familiar with.  I would see if they could have a few simple meal options for those that aren't as adventurous. 
  • I don't know much about Moroccan food, but I do know I would love that menu.  Sure, there are a couple (eh....more than a just a couple) things I am not sure what they are.  But you've got a bunch of things that just look like they're interestingly seasoned chicken, lamb, beef, and prawns/shrimp.

    I'd add some plain yellow rice, a basic green salad, and some fried chicken fingers, TBH.  

  • I love Moroccan food, I would eat nearly all that stuff...but my family wouldn't touch any of it, except maybe the lemon chicken. Harissa is definitely a flavor that not a whole lot of people like, and even just the spices on the meat will be off-putting for some people.

    I'd poll your WP and close family members and see what they think. And I would only serve this if it was buffet, so that people can sample things and find something they like. 
  • I think that menu sounds fabulous!  But I know alot of people who would be put off by that menu.  Maybe you could do some Morrocan and some more conventional choices?
  • I think that menu sounds fantastic - I would actually eat much more of it than I would a lot of "conventional" wedding menus. I do agree with PPs that having some things like plain rice and a basic salad of leafy greens would be good, for those who aren't as adventurous. I think the lemon chicken that's already on the menu covers that base for main entrees.
  • Thanks everyone! It would be a few passed apps, the more conventional food I guess, then buffet. I am a vegetarian, so I would tweak it a bit to have lots of vege options. The vege stuff is mainly vegan, and most of it is gluten an dairy free.

    Most of the stuff that sounds spicy or strong if very mild, but I think adding a more plain chicken, sounds like a good idea, and there will be plain rice. I guess I could do a plain potato too. I always feel like plain veges, eg broccoli or carrots, end up so over cooked and mushy at buffets, but maybe some steamed baby potatoes, baby carrots and baby peas, as long as they weren't mushy!! Would be a good addition.

    I think along with a few passed apps, I would set up some dip and pita and vege trays, and fruit sounds good too.

    It would be a little un Moroccan, not that it matters, but would I need maybe cheese and crackers too?

    One last question, if you had kids, can you find enough for them to eat out of that menu?
  • I think you have a few options that seem more "plain" like the lemon chicken and garlic prawns, that should satisfy people who aren't super adventurous.  I would LOVE everything on that menu!

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  • My children are almost 4 and 5 and I could find them food on the menu easily.  The chicken and prawns are both pretty approachable and they'd probably happily try a few apps, which might be hit and miss at their age.  

    I think as much as it's "un Moroccan", it might be nice to add cheese and crackers because some of the apps I think would be considered "adventurous" by some, but I think it sounds downright tasty.  I think you have to cater to the least adventurous eater and make sure they can make a meal out of your offerings, and I think you've done that for the most part.
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  • Thanks everyone! So excited actually. I don't think I will "advertise" the fact that it will be Moroccan food. We had an interesting mix of Japanese-ish passed apps, (edamame, fresh spring rolls, tuna etc) and Italian (woodfired pizzas, Italian blinis) and the food was a surprising hit.

    There will be lots of booze, so if they don't like the food, they can just drink.
    Just kidding,
  • Tessker, where is this deli? I want them to cater our wedding! 

  • I would be into it, but if you know your crowd are picky eaters or won't be comfortable with unfamiliar food, then make your decision based on that.

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  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination member
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    I am a picky eater, and while I'm not familiar with Moroccan food, I do like Mediterranean food in general. I think the menu sounds great, and I would have no problem making up a plate of food and being satisfied with it.  I would definitely see if the caterer could add a few more simple options though.  Maybe have both hummus and a herbed yogurt dip with the veggies and pita, do the more basic rice dish, and some steamed mixed veggies (maybe have spices separately if people want to add them). A grilled chicken or beef kebab with some simple herbs would be good too.
  • I do not think that Moroccan food is too "strange" that picky eaters will not find something. I personally would have descriptions with the choices.

    For example:
    Moroccan Lemon chicken: Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Olives is a classic Moroccan dish. Salty, lemony and zesty. Served with...
  • wandajune6wandajune6 Chicago-ish member
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    I like that menu much more than the menu for our wedding! However, while my side would agree, FI's family is much more timid and would have a rough time. I love the recommendations of this menu with some added "safe" items.
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