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Fall 2014- Cruise Ship Wedding- Colors Help?

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My FH and I live in Florida and we decided to go a little more nontraditional, we will be getting married on a cruise ship. With that being said I'm struggling with color selection because I am not a fan of the traditional fall wedding colors. I was thinking more along the lines of Royal Blue, Until my matron of honor told me that may not be the best choice because they would blend with the water, now I'm second guessing myself. My other thought was a turquoise... Any thought would be great. 

Re: Fall 2014- Cruise Ship Wedding- Colors Help?

  • Pick the colors that make you happy!!
    I don't think the blue would be a problem, especially if you pair it with a bright color like lime, yellow, coral, or orange.  That would give you a lovely tropical vibe for your cruise!!
  • Royal blue and white are my colors too.  you are not alone.  I don't think I'd be concerned with clashing with the water.  if your entire decor coordinates well then you should be fine.
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