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I need a massage

It seems like everybody on the face of the planet wants my attention! Texts, emails, calls, blah blah blah


Not to mention, I work full time and am working on many projects!


My Home Reception is tomorrow and I still haven't gotten my shoes.



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Re: I need a massage

  • Hopefully you get a change to breath and relax. It's down to the wire and people are sure to pull you in a million and one directions. It can only get better right?
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  • Yes! I am getting a mani-pedi in an hour and I am going to relax the whole time :)


    I may even take a hot bath later with some wine......sounds great!

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  • I'm going on Monday for my hair(cut, all over color, and highlites) and nails before the wedding! Enjoy being pampered.
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  • Oooo sounds nice! I need to get my hair cut soon too.
  • Well I got a massage yesterday and my Step-Daughter to be told me I was snoring embarrassingly loud! lol


    He also tried to massage one side of my shoulder and it was waaay too sore! I think I am going to tone down my weight lifting this week and stick to cardio so I can feel extra good!!

    A week from today I will be in Hawaii!

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  • Where in Hawaii are you going? My parents have a home on Maui. I love it there! Hope you get a good massage sooN!
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