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A favorite set of my family (2 aunts/uncles) just RSVP'd they aren't coming to the wedding.  The two aunts own a meeting planning business and apprently they have a huge job lined up for that weekend.  With that and one other no, that winds up meaning no-one from my dad's side of the family is going to be there.

I know, this is no tragedy, but wanted to vent somewhere for a minute.



Re: Bummed.....

  • I'm so sorry.  :(  That IS a bummer.

    That said...Alan Rickman ALWAYS makes my day better!  YUM!!!
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  • What a big bummer. Family that you love not being able to come is sad.
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  • Alan Rickman? Really?  I'm all about me some Orlando Bloom.

    Though when I go too long without cutting my hair, it looks a lot like Rickman's (minus the greasy look in HP). :)

  • Sorry about that! I know a couple of RSVPs will be coming back "no" and it will make me sad. 

    Funny you have Snape on there- just talking with FI today about by borderline unhealthy obsession with HP (both books and movies, even though we all know the books are infinitely better)
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  • I'm sorry to hear this!!!  We received our first 'no' today as well.  :-(
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  • Thanks all.  Other no's would have been just fine; in this, I'm a little sad for my dad.  And, very selfishly, these few are kind of the life of the party/social butterfly types that I knew would help get the mingling going.  However, this meeting is 6 days long, so it is likely  close to half their income for the whole year.  I can't fault that. 
  • @EmilyTork, I'm a teeny bit like that with Pirates  the Carribbean.  I can stare at Will Turner for hours......image

  • @FLDiver, I could never get into Pirates. I mean, it was a good movie but didn't trip my trigger. Last night before I went to work, FI and I were sitting in bed (each completely ignoring each other as per usual) and he flipped through the channels and turned on HP. Apparently my head turned so fast he thought I was going to get whiplash :)
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  • HP has been on TV a lot lately....I'm guess the last movie is going to be released for TV soon.  I was well into my 20's when HP came out, and I've read/watched them, but was probably too old to have gotten the fever.  I can't think of an equivalent set of books from my generation, though.

    But, for you:image


  • Not sure how to do GIFs, but I feel like a happy, giddy clapping one would have been appropriate. I was in 3rd grade when the first came out, so I was basically raised on wizards, Hogwarts and Voldy :)

    And I prefer to not watch them on tv usually, they don't show the theatrical versions and somehow that really miffs me off 
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  • Yeah, I haven't mastered the GIF logic either. And with TV movies, I always notice the cuts too...sometimes they're the best part of the scene!

    A few gems from my generation that popped up when I searched:







    rustytammy[Deleted User]
  • I spent my Sunday watching HP marathon on ABC Family channel!
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