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Unique ways to recognize parents and grandparents in wedding ceremony

We're not doing corsages or boutonnieres and we're not having a unity candle.   Any suggestions?

Re: Unique ways to recognize parents and grandparents in wedding ceremony

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    We aren't doing anything involving our parents....not quite sure. Perhaps give them a flower or something?
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  • I like the flower option, just not sure when to do it
  • Giving them each a rose can be lovely.   I also saw a ceremony on one of the TV wedding shows where the bride gathered flowers from key people as she walked down the aisle.  The flowers became her bouquet.  I thought it was nice...though I'll note that I'm not big into flowers so would be fine with a "less than perfect" bouquet (obv won't look the same as a florist-assembled piece)

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  • Not sure if this is unique enough but....We went to a wedding where as the bride and groom coming back down the aisle, they each stopped and hugged and kissed their spouses parents. I thought it was the sweetest thing.
  • colleenhas I really like  that idea!  I may give the flowers on the way in, and do that on the way out!
  • We have multiple sets of parents. As in my fiancé has 6 parents and I have 3. My father is dead, so my step father is walking me down the aisle. In the introduction, my cousin (officiant) is going to ask "who blesses this union". All the parents will stand and say "we do".

    Another idea we have been tossing around is that every attendant will bring a flower to each parent a they come down the aisle to stand up front.
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