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My fiancee and I are not Indian or Hindu.  We both come from long lines of WASP's and Catholics.
Still, due to many factors we're planning a Hindu-style ceremony at an Ashram my fiancee's father helped found nearly 50 years ago and where he spent many formative years growing up.
I've already done a LOT of research and I personally absolutely LOVE the idea of donning a glorious red sari, exchanging garlands and walking around the sacred fire seven times with the man I've chosen to marry under a flower-strewn mandap.

How can I prepare my (mostly secular, but some VERY Catholic) relatives for this very unfamiliar ceremony?


  • I've seen people put info about special ceremonies on their wedding websites. This would detail what to expect and the importance of such ceremonies.
  • We're planning on using a program at the ceremony (and posting the content ahead of time on our website) that explains each portion of ceremony and why it's significant.  We're also planning on doing a FYI section on our website that talks about the traditions so that anyone who's unfamiliar can get a sense of what it will be like.  A number of our friends are interested in wearing saris to the wedding too, so we'll give suggestions for how/ where to buy or how to wear etc.
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