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Alteration Recommendations?

Hello Everyone!

I was hoping to find out which people you went with for alterations of your wedding gowns.  I am paying for everything myself, and I am looking for great quality, but hopefully not too expensive.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  BTW, I live in the Bedford/Merrimack NH area, if that helps...



Re: Alteration Recommendations?

  • Well I ended up going with A Stitch in Time in Nashua.  *fingers crossed*
  • Let us know how it goes.  I need to find someone to do alterations in the next couple months.  I just read a review from a previous post that Olga's in Manchester was pretty good.

  • I went yesterday for my first fitting.  Lourdes was very, very nice and definitely seems to know what she is doing.  So far, I'd highly recommend her!
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