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Honeymoon flights panic!

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Back around Christmastime, we booked flights into Paris and out of Munich on frequent flier points.  Today, I logged into the air carrier's website to double-check our flights for the honeymoon, and to my horror, the flights we had were all messed up!  Like messed up to the point where they had us flying from, say Winnipeg to Montreal, and then 2 hours later from Winnipeg to Toronto...  We had gone from 5 flights to 10, and several were direct conflicts!  I was in a panic!

I now feel bad for the poor guy who answered at the airline.  It took a few minutes to talk me down, but I have to say- he was great!  It took like an hour, but we ended up with way better flights- fewer transfers and shorter flights overall.  But, man am I glad I double-checked!
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Re: Honeymoon flights panic!

  • Wow!   That's crazy that it changed that much!!!  Can't believe flight plans could change the transfers like that!  What airline is it?  Glad you got it all sorted out now though rather than later!!!  

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  • Air Canada
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  • Wow! Good thing you checked, you have suddenly inspired me to check our flights & make sure everything is in order 
  • I too will be checking my flights this morning!  So glad you were able to catch that and it ended up working out in your favour :)
  • Adding check my flights to the list!

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  • I had a similar panic this afternoon when I checked my flights. It looks like my mom booked my FI and i on a flight at 7:30 pm instead of am. Thankfully it doesn't do any more harm then having less time. It would have been over $2000 to switch flights. So it looks like we're stuck. Man I ask my mom to do one thing... ;-)
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  • Wow! Good thing you checked! Sounds like an incredible honeymoon!!! I'd double check mine, but we just booked last week. Nothing like waiting to the last minute :)
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  • Oh wow, that would have been terrible to find out at the last minute!

    We on the other hand haven't even booked flights yet! We are supposed to leave Sep 2 (Monday after the wedding) but this was one of the things that FI was supposed to be taking care of, and I was really trying not to just do it for him.
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    Sign FI up for travel alerts from a site like expedia, this way when there is seat sales they will alert him via email :)  Gets you a great price and also serves as a reminder lol!
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