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Inexpensive reheasal lunch/dinner ideas?

I'm getting married next April and am considering either a rehearsal lunch or dinner for about 25 people Our budget is reaching it's limit. We will have to pay for this ourselves so am looking for some creative/inexpensive ideas that will not leave people feeling dissapointed.



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Re: Inexpensive reheasal lunch/dinner ideas?

  • Sticky Fingers? They've got a hall and a banquet menu...
    Home Team BBQ?

    Of course I can't really think of any of the nicer places that won't be ridiculous expensive.
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    My daughter had hers at Taco Boy and we had a blast!  We had table outside and even though it was in August, it wasn't too uncomfortable with the big fans going.  It was a relaxed, fun-filled time!
  • I LOVE Taco Boy. I never thought about them for a rehearsal lunch/dinner. What a great idea! Thank you :)


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  • Here's the video that the groom's brother made for them.  You can see the rehearsal dinner at Taco Boy!  We had a great time!!  The margaritas were flowing!!  :)

  • Thank you so much for sharing that!! It looks like a lot of fun! Did you have to rent out the space at Taco Boy? Were other people able to sit out there?


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  • We just paid for the food and drink.  Didn't have to pay a rental fee.  We were on the patio and there were other patrons out there, but to be honest, I didn't even notice the other folks.  We had one whole side to ourselves.  I'm sure depending on the size of your party they would be able to accommodate you. 

    Good Luck!

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