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Bridal Salons open late on Sundays

Hi everyone, hope you don't mind a post from a random person. I will be in San Diego soon for a long weekend & want to take my sister dress shopping (her boyfriend is proposing on a Sat night and I'll be there as a surprise--but I'm flying back home on Tuesday). Unfortunately, that only gives us Sunday to shop. She will have to work Monday until 6pm so maybe we can go somewhere later that night. I doubt she'll find "the one" but I just want to be there for part of it. Our mom passed away many years ago, I live on the other side of the country, & she shopped with me for my dress. So....I've been searching online for bridal salons but some don't post their hours. I know I will have to call anyway, but I thought some of you might have suggestions or a way to narrow (or broaden) the search. TIA & congrats to you all on your upcoming (or recent) weddings!
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