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BYOB receptions - how much alcohol do you need?

I am currently in the process of gathering prices for reception locations.  Because I am trying to spend the least amount of $ possible to have a nice wedding I am looking into places where I can supply the alcohol.  So I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with this - how do you figure out how much alcohol you will need?!?!  I used some "calculators" online and have been getting numbers that are all over the place.  I know all our situations will be different - but if you have done this I would appreciate any feedback you may have for me!  Then hopefully I can finish out my speadsheet to calculate the best place for the value! (Yes, you heard me - I have a spreadsheet, lol)
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Re: BYOB receptions - how much alcohol do you need?

  • It really does depend on your crowd. For us, most of our families and friends are beer and liquor drinkers. We are currently have/are ordering 5-6 kegs, 18 handles of liquor and 3-ish cases of assorted wine. We also have to purchase mixers (juices, soda) and cups, so make sure you find out if you need these things as well. Our bar is prob going to cost roughly $1700 for 220 guests. We shopped sales for the liquor and wine and FI's uncle got us a deal on the beer.

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  • I agree with pantherRN, it all depends on your guests.  The owners of our hall suggested 3 kegs, 3 cases of wines, and 12 gallons of hard liquor.  I think this is too little for a crowd of 250, especially because my family and our friends can really drink.  We started buying a bottle of liquor a week and will continue to do so until the wedding day. This way you don't have to spend a large sum in one trip.  Also, keep your receipts, if you buy too much just take it back.   

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    props to you having a spreadsheet and being organized! i really think it depends on what kind of bar you want to have. you could have beer only, beer and a couple mixed drinks, beer and a ton of mixed drinks, beer and a couple sig cocktails, no beer at all, plus not to mention wine and whatever else! 

    we decided we wanted to have 2 kinds of beer, several types of liquor, 2 sig cocktails and a few differnet wine options. wanted to try to have a little bit of something for everyone. keep in midn that you can return unused kegs and unopened liquor bottles (save the reciept). we made sure we had enough beer for everyone lol and enough of the other drinks so that each person could at least hve one of each. plan for 2 drinks per person per hour and you can't go wrong! 
  • I didn't know you could re-tun unopened items - that would take the guess work out of it!
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