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I'm not catholic but my fiancé is and I was wondering what do Catholics think about tattoos? I've seen quite a few people at church who have them(one of which is involved with the church service). I have them and don't plan on covering them for our wedding but was just wondering what the view is on tattoos.
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Re: Tattoos

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    I don't know if there is an official stance, but I have a small one on my ankle that I got a long time ago and I have Latin Bible verse that I want to get once I decide on the placement and have the money. My experience with how other people feel about them has very little to do with their religion and mostly just their upbringing. For example, my VERY Catholic grandma doesn't care, FI (Catholic) respects my decisions but doesn't like tattoos as a rule, and his parents (Catholic and Lutheran) don't like tattoos at all.
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  • the Catholics frown upon tattoos but you wont be turned away if you have them i have seen plenty of people get married with big tattoos 
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  • The Church does not oppose tattoos.  Here is a blog post by Matt Fradd (Click) that gives a pretty good explanation.



  • It depends on the church. One parish I am aware of has a marriage guidelines booklet, and they require that tattoos be covered up for the ceremony. But if that is the case, I am sure you will be made aware of it well in advance (I think that's pretty rare to be the case.)
  • Thanks for all the info! I still try to cover my tattoos when in church (not that I have a ton) but with my wedding dress its not possible so I wanted to get some opinions/info. I appreciate the info and @professorscience thanks for the link!
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  • my parents always taught us that tattoos were a desecration of your body and that as catholics we couldnt have them.  not sure if that's catholic teaching, but its what we were told.  i also had to beg for years to even have my ears pierced for the same reason.  they finally allowed that since teh holes in theory could close up and "heal" if left alone.
  • My parish had no regulations on tattoos but did request that shoulders remain covered for the ceremony (for me and the BMs).
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