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Get a DJ or not?

We are having our wedding at a local park with around 100 people. We aren't the dancing kind of people really. The park has a lake, volley ball, fire pit and we are having lawn games as well. We can't decide if we should hire a DJ or not. I think since we don't really want a dance to be the focus of our wedding that just having a ipod or laptop playing music would work. He thinks we should get a DJ to make sure our guests are happy. We have a pretty small budget as we are paying for it ourselves. So I would rather spend that extra money on food or our honeymoon than on a DJ.

Any advice on what we should do? Thanks.

Re: Get a DJ or not?

  • Does the park allow DJs? The parks in my area don't allow amplified music. 

    If the park does, it'd be nice to at least have background music. We're DJing our own wedding with Spotify. Other brides have used iTunes. The only trick with being outside is making sure the music is loud enough—sound dissipates quickly outdoors.
  • HI girls....We are getting married in a hotel ballroom; intimate guest list of <30 people; NO DJ...just music overhead, piped in....Your guests will be happy enough being with YOU....
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  • We are having a medium sized wedding, and have opted to not have a DJ. Having a DJ does not always mean you get a better mix of music, and honestly, some are just plain awful. We are working on an playlist for the dance, and have even found an app that you can use to program pauses and lets people make requests. Its a good way to save some money.
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