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Need a gift idea for my best friend

My best friend had to move to FL several years ago to take care of her mother.  We've been able to visit 3 - 4 times since she moved and we talk at least once a week.  When I told her FI and I had chosen a date, she immediately made plans to come up here to help me with all the last minute stuff the week before the wedding. 

DDs graduation party is on Friday and our wedding is Sunday, so I'll have tons of stuff to get done between the two events, plus my mom and sister are flying in and they are super high-maintenance, so my BF will help me stay calm and focused and not fall into the family-drama trap...

In short, her coming here is the absolute best thing I could ever have hoped for, and it's even more special because I didn't ask her for help - she just knew right away what I would need and offered it up.  She was such an emotional rock for me during my divorce 10 years ago - we've always been there for each other...

Anyway, BF is not in the wedding, which she's fine with - it's a small ceremony with just me and FI and our kids.  She doesn't like being the center of attention and would be uncomfortable if I thanked her at the reception for all her help.  In addition, it would cause a huge scene with my family since I purposely told them I didn't need anything - their "help" comes with too many strings attached, causes tons of drama, and usually ends up being way more work for me than whatever help they're providing...

My plan is to write her a letter to tell her how much I love her and how much all her help means to me - I'll give it to her on Saturday between the two events when she and I have a little down-time together.

I think I'd like to get her a gift too, but I have no idea what to get her.  She's flying here so it has to be something small if I'm going to give it to her to take back with her.  Gift cards don't seem personal enough, and there's nothing she really needs, and she doesn't wear jewelry, so I am just absolutely stumped.

FI suggested we send flowers to her once she gets home but I just don't know if that's enough...  Oh, and she's diabetic and works very hard to keep it under control, so I couldn't send candy or fruit along with the flowers...

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do for my best friend?




Re: Need a gift idea for my best friend

  • How about a spa package where she could have a manicure and a pedicure, massage or a facial?  It's something that is nice to do but people rarely do it for themselves.  Does she have a green thumb, if so a living plant might be the way to go as well. Or help her with the flight expense. 

    Those are a few ideas that I thought of... 
  • Tickets to something she loves to do but doesn't get a chance to do?  Like a sporting event, concert, museum exhibit, flower show? 

    a something of the month club membership?  (wine, flowers, etc?)

    A framed piece about best friends?  Or a frame with a verse about best friends with a place for a photo of the two of you together at the wedding? 

    I just lost my best friend, and I would love to have a photo of just the 2 of us.  ~Donna

  • I'm thinking in terms of making her life easier, like she did for you....Perhaps a gift certificate for a visit from a home cleaning service?  Or a meal delivery?

    Another option is a chance for relaxing time together (vs all the stress of this visit).  Maybe make an appointment for both of you at a spa/hotel/girls' getaway someplace in between your homes (perhaps on a long w/e like Labor Day)?  It would probably either need to be drive-able or include travel (i.e. plane/train tickets) so might be pricey...not sure what the budget is like....

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  • Thanks for all the good ideas ladies!  An of the month club might be a fun idea if I can find something she'd like.  She does love plants - maybe I can find a way to incorporate that...

    I love the idea of a relaxing weekend for us - if I could come up with the budget for that, it would be awesome!



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