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Help! I need a garden ceremony in Southeast Michigan

Hey ladies! My wedding is in Southeast Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit. My fiance wants a barn reception for our wedding, but I want something more elegant for the ceremony...a garden wedding would be my favorite. We're running on a tight budget, too. Does anyone have any suggestions for pretty gardens in the metro detroit area? I'm having trouble finding any.

Re: Help! I need a garden ceremony in Southeast Michigan

  • You should try posting this on your local board to get more area-specific responses. Good luck!
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  • I don't know where exactly you're located, but I'm having my ceremony at George George Memorial Park in Clinton Township.  They have a gorgeous bridal garden, a covered pavilion (it's beautiful, not just a generic park pavilion) and lots of spaces for pictures.  The only downsides (for me at least) if you're looking to have your reception there is that the park closes at dark and there is no alcohol allowed.  Good luck!
  • Thanks for the suggestions! :)
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