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    I don't understand the question...

    If you are inviting a family you would list all the names of the family members on the invitation envelope so they knew exactly who was invited. 

    If you have a friend who is in a relationship you would list their name and their SO name. If you have a single friend and you are allowing them to bring a guest you would write their name and "guest".

    I have never heard of a friend responding to an RSVP to a wedding and adding on five of their friends to come along. 
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    Guests should be invited by name, as in, who is addressed on the envelope. If your guests have significant others, you should make an attempt to know who that SO is and address them by name. People should know not to add additional people than who is listed on the envelope, but if they do you have to call them and explain you can't accommodate additional guests.
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    Ahhh, a DD.  How mature.
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    Her post was just weird anyway -- it was essentially: how can I prevent my friends from bringing more than one guest.
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