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Check: My one and only DIY project!

So this past weekend, my friends and I made two 28 foot long flower petal aisle runners to go down each side of my aisle.  We used hot glue guns to glue over 6000 flower petals to a long strip of crafting paper (needless to say, there was a lot of wine involved!) It took 6.5 hours!!!  Insane.  But I'm really happy with the result - here are some pictures!

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Re: Check: My one and only DIY project!

  • That is so nice! I love it I bet it looks even better in person! Where are you getting married? I thought they wouldn't allow you to bring in your own decorations. Lucky you! :)
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  • Those are lovely!!

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    Thanks!  I'm getting married on the Grand Patio at the Bellagio.  This space is controlled by Bellagio's Catering department and not the Chapel, which means they are a LOT more flexible about decorations.  I can have outside vendors for everything except the food and beverage. 
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  • That is so awesome looking! I hand it to you, I would never have the patience!
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