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Vendor reviews from our 7/13 wedding!

A+ Atkinson Country Club. All I can say is WOW! Everything was taken care of from set up to bringing all of our gifts, a bottle of champagne, and two pieces of cake to our complimentary suite. I stillll have guests raving about how amazing the food was and I have had over 20 people tell me that it was the best food that they have ever had at a wedding. I chose the stations and everything was warm, fresh, and tasty. I do not have one complaint about Atkinson. We were taken care of all day and we felt like royalty.

A+++++ Lauren Termini Photography. I really cannot say enough about Lauren (and her second photographer, Jessie Clemans, who also owns a photography business). We had our engagement photos with both of them, along with our wedding day photos. Lauren met us almost an hour away from her for our engagement photos and they were gorgeous. I had many guests compliment how sweet and fun both Lauren and Jessie were and how you could barely notice that they were there photographing because they were never once in the way. Not only did she take gorgeous photos, but she also put all of the guy's boutonnieres on (my friend's mom did my flowers and apparently put them on the wrong side) and was there with a box of bobby pins when my girls needed some.

A+ EFC Entertainment (Josh Fields). Josh was open to all ideas and recommendations and assisted with ALL of the music planning. I knew nothing about timing and styles of music to use and when and he led us throughout the entire process. There was a glitch in the online planning board and none of our individual song recommendations were saved so he came up to me and had me and my husband make recommendations and basically had to wing the whole night. You never would have known! People came up to me during the night and said that they never usually dance during weddings but they couldn't help but dance! We received many compliment on the music!  He also took a beautiful picture of us during our first dance, which was very sweet. He is a very personable, fun, and an easy guy to work with.

A++ Arcadya Salon in Manchester. I got my trial and wedding day hair and makeup done here along with my 6 bms, mother, and mother in law .Everyone loved this salon! All of the stylists were very experienced and wonderful! We got to drink mimosas and coffee all morning and they offer airbrush makeup. They truly make each of you feel like a princess. I had my curled and half up half down and it lasted, in July, from 9am-the next morning!

A- Olgas Tailor Shop in Manchester. My dress fit absolutely perfectly! She did forget to put my buttons on so I had to leave the dress and go back a couple days later and I thought she was pricey, but you get what you pay for I guess!  

B+ David's Bridal in Nashua. I loved that I could try on whichever dress that I liked without feeling pressured by a designer and you can get dressed by yourself and a friend; not in front of everyone as I had to at a couple boutiques. I had a coordinator named Leah for my dress shopping, and both bridesmaids dress shopping's. Unfortunately, we had to pick new bridesmaids dresses after choosing one because three of my bms were pregnant and the dresses got discontinued before they could get them. They gave us our money back and it wasn't a big deal because I had more than enough time

D- Men's Warehouse. Where to begin? My husband’s jacket was too big so he had to wear his groomsman's, which fit well, but then the groomsman's was too big. They spelt our last name wrong so they could never find our party. They told my sister-in law that her son (ring bearer's)tux was free then told me that it was not (luckily, after 5 phone calls,, we got it for free because of all of the issues). All of the guys, except for the groom, were wearing a bowtie and the groom a euro tie. They had the ring bearer and a groomsman wearing a euro tie. They had one of the groomsman's pick up dates wrong, which we luckily caught a couple weeks before. so many issues, find another place and don’t go here.

Re: Vendor reviews from our 7/13 wedding!

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you had an amazing day!
    Does Atkinson offer Saturday evening weddings? I think I remember liking them online but have my heart set on a Saturday evening wedding.
  • I'm not positive, we had our ceremony at a church so we did the reception right after. The coordinators email is <[email protected]>. She was great to work with!
  • I am also having my wedding at Atkinson and am doing a Saturday evening wedding!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    I attended a wedding a few months ago in NC and they were freaking out about MW too. They gave the groom the wrong color vest (way off green instead of ivory), they gave one of the groomsmen a jacket that was WAY too big and another groomsmen had pants way too big. They couldn't get the right ones in until the day of the wedding, and the pants they had were still wrong for the guy.

    FI was in a wedding last month that went by pretty smoothly except that one groomsman had a jacket that was too tight, but it was his fault. He called in the measurements, he never tried on a jacket, and he picked it up the day before.  So...he just took it off pretty quickly.


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