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Question for Rusty Pelican Brides!!

Hi Knotties!

My fiance and I are currently searching for the perfect venue for our reception! I've done a ton of research on here and we've toured a couple places. We are considering having it at the Rusty Pelican and I know there are a lot of RP Brides on here so I have a question for you ladies!

We would really like to have the beautiful ceiling treatment in the Pelican Ballroom and were wondering if any of you had them put it up and, if so, would you mind sharing how much it cost to have it? Don told us that only one florist does it but he wouldn't tell us about any of the vendors until we put down a deposit. Instead of trying to get it out of him, I figured someone on here would know. The ceiling treatment is a huge selling point for us but we just want to know if we can afford it before we agree to anything!

Your help is greatly appreciated!! We also welcome any other advice/experience from RP brides :)


Re: Question for Rusty Pelican Brides!!

  • It's my understanding that RP will only allow one florist to do the draping and I don't know how much she charges.  Sorry!
  • It's under $1000, I think I was quoted $895!
  • do any of you ladies know what they ask as the min for a weekday wedding here? My fiancé and I are going to look at it next week, he is in love with the pics, I'm just trying to figure out the cost difference from weekend to week day. Thank you :)
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