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Guests backing what?

Our wedding is Saturday...a week and a half ago we found out my aunt and uncle are backing out of coming to the wedding, they said that they couldn't find reasonable airfare.  Understandable...except it was AFTER our minimum count was due...and their RSVP said they were coming.  If I would have known they were still on the fence, I would have undercut my minimum guest count...and now thinking about it, I should have just done that in the first place!  Anyways, I didn' my minimum count included them..we were able to fill one of those spots (one of my FH's has a girlfriend we told him he could bring her if he wanted)...but now, I can't fill the last spot.  I even asked my makeup lady...but she can't stay for the wedding.  So now what do I do?  Eat the cost.  Give someone an extra meal?  Ugh, so annoyed, it's not cheap per person.  But I think it's tacky to go inviting people at this point.  My FH's friend, I didn't know he had a girlfriend and i forgot to write the "plus one" on the invitation.  Thoughts?  Get a to-go-box? lol

Re: Guests backing what?

  • That sucks, but from what I've heard it just happens, and we'll all probably have a few no-shows. Your venue only cares that they get money from you, not what it's spent on-is there anything small you could upgrade with the difference? My venue offers lemonade for $2 a guest, maybe you could do something like that.
  • Chances are you are going to have some no-show's day-of. It will happen.

    Absolutely do not invite people now. They will know they were clearly a "fill-in" and that's a good way to lose a friend.

    Just eat the cost and enjoy the day.

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  • I agree with PPs.  

    We've recently had some plus ones drop out, because it seems like my FI's friends are all deciding to dump their GFs now.  My one uncle is also back and forth about whether he's coming.  It's frustrating because he'll probably say he's coming and end up no-showing. 

    No matter what we'll probably have some no-shows and we'll just have to eat the cost.
  • That sucks, but there really isnt much you can do at this point. You'll just have to eat the cost. People don't realize how much a no show actually costs. Grrrrr
  • FI and I are in the same boat; two and a half weeks before the wedding and we're getting a lot of last minute bails, so we're a few under our guaranteed minimum (still over if you include vendor meals, but we're not sure how they count those). I was going to invite my hair and make-up girls (I've known them for a long time and am friendly with them, but I wouldn't really call them friends, so I would be completely honest with them). Then I decided it's better if we just eat the cost. We planned to pay at least that much anyway, so who cares if a few meals don't get served? Unless all of a sudden we find out one of our guests has a SO that we didn't know about, there's not much we can do. I allowed myself to be frustrated/annoyed/upset for a few minutes and then I moved on.  
  • I hear ya...just got to let it go.  Still not sure if my Uncle is coming...he said he was, but he didn't book a room at our hotel.  I suppose he could have booked somewhere else.  Oh well...I have other things to worry about.  Just a bummer. 
  • DEFINITELY get a to go container! You bought the meal, might as well enjoy it, especially if there's a chance you might not get to eat your whole meal :)
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