Tight Budget in New Haven -- Help!

Hi Everyone,
We are looking to do a November wedding in New Haven on a tight budget. We are scaling back from previously-chosen venue where the costs just got out of control, the pressure was too much. We HAVE a florist / DIY approach to the flowers, a photographer, and a dress. We need to do food, booze, and venue (with all the extra hidden costs like tax, gratuity, insurance, wait staff) for under $7K. Any advice?!

Re: Tight Budget in New Haven -- Help!

  • How many people? That will obviously influence the cost. Depending on your date, if it is a Friday or Sunday, you can save a good amount. I would inquire with Lighthouse Point - you may be able to bring in your own caterer, and save money there. The Study at Yale offers a space for smaller weddings, but it is probably pricey. There is Cascades in Hamden, but I am not sure on the cost - could be high. There is also Fantasia in North Haven. 

    Oh! How about the Country House in East Haven! I went to a wedding in November there last year. The food is AMAZING. 

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you so much, Corkey. That is helpful. We have about 120. We already sent out Save the Dates (when we had other venue). We are trying to get in touch with LPP, but I'm afraid they may be closed by late Nov. Thanks again.
  • Elisabeth- How about Costa Azzura in Milford? They are directly on the beach and just completely re-did their reception room. I've heard from multiple people that they are VERY affordable. The Westbrook elks club could be worth looking into also - they are also directly on the beach and do a lot of weddings. Good luck!
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    Check out grassy hill lodge in derby, ct.  Martha will send you a menu where the prices already include tax.  There are no service charges, and gratuity is at your discretion (we tipped each wait person $100 I believe, and for a 115 person wedding we have 5 waiters/waitresses.  We tipped our coordinator Martha $100 and I believe the bartender was tipped around $100 as well).  Our venue total for our wedding was just under $10K, but that was because we had a lot of people choose steak for their meal, as opposed to the chicken or fish.

    Oh, and their prices include a 5 hour premium open bar.
  • The Country House in East Haven is amazing. My dad and step mom had their wedding their and the food was great.
  • Amarante's Sea Cliff & Anthony's Ocean View are both in New Haven. Both are on Morris Cove and are affordable especially for an "off" day or for a late fall/winter wedding.
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  • Thanks everyone!.This has been really helpful. We are still working out the details. Down the road I will be excited to post vendor reviews once we make the final choices!
  • Lighthouse is definitely going to be closed in November, and you definitely wouldn't want the extra expense of having to heat that building!

    The country house suggestion is a good one, the food is great!

  • lighthouse point park is also a $3,800 site fee...don't think that works on a budget!  and they only do weddings until october.
  • HillsPoint Hotel in Windsor Locks a little far from you but works great with your budget 
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