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October 2013 Weddings

YAY a package on my doorstep!

Got home from work today to find a Bed Bath and Beyond package on our doorstep!  It has to be something from our registry as neither FI or myself has ordered anything!  I am dying not being able to open it until FI gets home later tonight...it's not fair I am home 5 hours before him...this is 5 hours of torture for me!  Also super excited that I get to use my new thank you notes that I designed.  woo hoo!  I talked to FI and told him a gift was here he said to go ahead and open, but I just can't do it without him, it wouldn't seem right...

Re: YAY a package on my doorstep!

  • Rip that sucker open!!!  If you registered for it, he's already seen it right?  :)
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  • Actually I have to admit FI only knows about 3 things on our entire 2 store registry...he knows we registered for new pots & pans, luggage, and a Ninja blender...that is all he knows...after 20 mins online registering he was melting down quick and asked if I minded doing this part myself...UM OK NO PROBLEM (like giving free reign to a kid in a candy store, lol)

    He got home and we opened the box.  It is from my 2nd cousin and his wife, they got us our 3 tier cooling rack, 3 set cookie sheet and the silpat mat.  I'm in the process of writing the thank you note and will get that in the mail tomorrow.
  • Yay! I have gotten 3 gifts so far and each time opened them without FI... oops!! He doesn't mind though and wasn't into registering so I don't feel bad :)
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