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How did you choose your photographer?


Re: How did you choose your photographer?

  • CaliMel11CaliMel11 member
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    edited November 2013
    We emailed a bunch of people, but ultimately we picked from the ones we met in person at a wedding expo.
    Some of their personalities were sooo offputting. I would highly recommend meeting the photographers in person just to get a feel for them first. Some of the ones we met were really almost cold and not very friendly, one of them made extremely inappropriately creeper comments about a bride he had taken wedding photos of. He basically followed us to the photobooks, and made sure to keep telling us how this one bride "She's a MODEL SO OF COURSE SHE'S GORGEOUS" and then flipped to a photo in the book where her husband was looking at a boudoir shot photobook of her, and was basically going on and on about us about her. It was just extremely weird and uncomfortable.
    One of them had no book of example photos, it was a basket with photo prints in them all jumbled, and while going through I noticed they had photos where everyone is flipping off the camera like it was supposed to show how offbeat and quirky they were. Uhh no thanks.
    The ones that we clicked with though were really awesome. We actually had a really really hard time picking between two of them.
    We went with the one that we liked the photo style more of. It was really really hard though, to look at photo examples after photo examples and try to absorb it all.

    Having a second photographer there was a must for us, since we really wanted to have two peoples points of view on everything.

    The lady we picked is extremely sweet and friendly. I felt at ease with her immediately and so did my fiance.

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